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Legislative Updates

The TAASE Legislative Committee wants to encourage every TAASE member to make your voice heard.

Below, you will find links that will lead you to resources that will enable you to contact the state board members and legislators who will be deciding state rules and regulations and legislation that will ultimately affect the provision of Special Education in Tennessee, be "in the know" regarding  pending regulations and legislation that is on our "radar", read TAASE’s position on issues, and review a summary of recent Tennessee laws affecting education, and specifically special education.

Please check this page frequently as we intend to post additional information about items and issues as they arise for your information and action.

Guide to Effective Advocacy TN State Board of Education Contacting legislators (State & Fed)
TAASE Legislative Radar TAASE Positions Recent Laws Affecting Education

Tennessee School Boards Association (TSBA) has an excellent “Advocacy Toolkit” that contains an advocacy guide on their website.

TAASE has been given permission to link to the TSBA website so that our members may access the advocacy guide.

The TAASE Legislative Committee encourages every TAASE member to read the advocacy guide and take action to make your opinions known.

The advocacy guide gives tips and strategies related to contacting your Senator and Representative, including a sample letter and letter writing guidelines, as well as telephone contact guidelines.

The information in the guide would also be applicable to contacting state board members.

Access the advocacy guide here:

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Tennessee State Board of Education

 The Tennessee State Board of Education is comprised of 9 members, representing the 9 Congressional Districts of Tennessee.

 If you are unsure which Congressional District you are in, click any of the Congressional District listings below to see a map of all the districts.

 The e-mail addresses listed for the members are not available via the state board web site.  Our Legislative Committee has obtained them for the convenience of TAASE members.

Mr. B. Fielding Rolston, Chairman

Represents: 1st Congressional District


Resides: Arrowhead Trail; Kingsport , TN 37664
Education: B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University , M.B.A., American University
Occupation: Retired; Former Vice-President, Human Resources and Communications, Eastman Chemical Company.
Appointed 1996; Reappointed 1999; current term: 1999-2008

Mr. Richard E. Ray

Represents: 2nd Congressional District


Resides: 1660 St. Ives Blvd. , Alcoa , TN 37701
Education: B.S., University of Alabama
Occupation: Retired; Former Operations Manager, Aluminum Company of America-Tennessee.
Appointed 1984; Reappointed 2002; current term: 2002-2011


Ms. Vernita B. Justice

Represents: 3rd Congressional District

Resides: 306 Glenwood Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37404
Education: B.S., Tennessee State University
Occupation: Teacher, Hamilton County Schools
Appointed 2008; current term: 2008-2013

Mr. Flavius Barker

Represents: 4th Congressional District

(no e-mail listing available)

Mailing Address: Tennessee Farm Bureau, P.O. Box 313 , Columbia , TN 38205
Education: Sequatchie County High School
Occupation: President, Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation; also has farming operation in Sequatchie County
                Appointed April 2002; current term, 2002-2011

Ms. Carolyn Pearre, Vice-Chair

Represents: 5th Congressional District


Resides: 427 Prestwick Court , Nashville , TN 37205
Education: B.S., M.S., University of Tennessee-Knoxville Occupation: Retired educator; Former Executive Director Tech Prep Programs, Tennessee Board of Regents
Appointed April 2002; current term: 2002-2011

Dr. Jean Anne Rogers

Represents: 6th Congressional District


Resides: 2631 Memorial Blvd. , Murfreesboro , TN 37129
Education: B.S., O.D., Southern College of Optometry
Occupation: Doctor of Optometry
Appointed 2005; current term, 2005-2014

Mr. James W. Ayers

Represents: 7th Congressional District


Mailing Address: First Bank, 200 4th Ave. North , Nashville TN   37219
Education: B.S., Memphis State University
Occupation: Chairman, First Bank
Appointed 2004; Reappointed 2005; current term 2005-2014

Dr. Melvin Wright, Sr.

Represents: 8th Congressional District


Resides: 340 North Hays Avenue , Jackson , TN 38301
Education: B.S., Tennessee State University , D.D.S., Meharry Medical College of Dentistry
Occupation: Private Practice of General Dentistry
Appointed 1996; Reappointed 2005; current term 2005-2014

Teresa Sloyan

Represents: 9th Congressional District


Resides: 688 Magnolia Manor Circle, Memphis, TN 38117

Occupation: Executive Director, Hyde Family Foundation
Appointed 2008; current term 2008-2013

http://www.state.tn.us/sbe/index.htm will take you to the Tennessee State Board of Education home page.  Here you may learn more about the state board of education.

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106th General Assembly

Follow the links below to go to the General Assembly's web pages for the Senate and the House of Representatives members.

LP = Legislative Plaza                    WMB = War Memorial   Building
Nashville , TN   37243                       Nashville , TN 37243                   

Click their last name for more information and their snail-mail address.

Click their e-mail address to send them an e-mail.

All legislators may be reached toll free by dialing 1-800-449-8366.
You must then enter the last 5 digits of their office phone number


Tennessee Senate – 106th General Assembly



Tennessee House of Representatives – 106th General Assembly



Contact members of the 111th Congress: Senators and Representatives, committees, sub-committees, Congressional leadership, and view the Congressional schedule


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TAASE Legislative Radar

Check back for updates.


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TAASE Positions

Check back for updates.


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2008 Legislative Summary

105th General Assembly – 2nd Regular Session
Report on Public Chapters and Resolutions Affecting Pre-K-12 Education in Tennessee


2009 Legislative Summary

106th General Assembly – 1st Regular Session
Report on Public Chapters and Resolutions Affecting Pre-K-12 Education in Tennessee


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